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Planet BB

Sometimes a book seizes your imagination even before it’s been published, and this is one such book – which means, of course, that this is not a review: it’s a pre-publication plug. As per the subtitle, Planet BB tells the story of the Boys’ Brigade around the world – but more than that, its aim is to raise funds for that work in developing countries. Continue reading

Raised With Christ – be part of it!

Today’s the day: February 19, 2010: the official UK publication date for Adrian Warnock‘s Raised With Christ; and you and your bookshop can be part of it. Following recent discussions about publishers promoting amazon instead of bookshops, Adrian wants to work with us as booksellers to promote his book in our shops. But rather than … Continue reading

Kingdom Triangle

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Christian Life & Discipleship > Kingdom Triangle Kingdom Triangle Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit’s Power J P Moreland ISBN 9780310274322 (031027432X)  Zondervan, 2007 (237pp)  £11.99 Category: Christian Life & Discipleship Reviewed by Graham McFarlane Every so often a book hits my desk that screams out, “Read me”. I have to admit … Continue reading