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Compassion – An idea whose time has come: Eleanor Stoneham introduces her book, Healing This Wounded Earth

MY THANKS TO ELEANOR STONEHAM for providing this fascinating and challenging introduction to her book, Healing This Wounded Earth (O Books, 9781846944451). Eleanor is another writer I met online in the ACW (Association of Christian Writers) facebook group, and I’d encourage any Christian booksellers reading to join the group: it’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know … Continue reading

Should Christian bookshops be protecting customers or provoking them? Building walls or breaking them down?

I asked this question on twitter in response to an article I found on the Canadian Christian publishers and writers blog, Future Tense: Are Warning Stickers on Book Jackets coming to Canada? Do Christian booksellers have a duty to “protect the minds” of their customers? Most Christian bookstores in Canada carry items with the potential to cause the least … Continue reading

Legs of Lamb

I enjoy walking. When the weather’s fit and it’s not too far. Most mornings I get off the tube a stop early and walk in to work, and given the opportunity I’ll happily walk for miles along the coast or the canal towpath. But when Gary Lamb emailed me about his book, Legs of Lamb (New … Continue reading

Christian Zionism

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Israel & Palestine > Christian Zionism Christian Zionism  Road-map to Armageddon? Stephen Sizer  ISBN 9781844740505 (1844740501)  IVP, 2004  £14.99 Category: Israel & Palestine  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Israel’s crimes against humanity must always be seen against the backdrop of the equally terrible crimes of humanity against Israel. But does this make those crimes — its ongoing … Continue reading

The Atonement Debate…

… rumbles on in evangelical circles, recently resurrected by Chris Tilling kindly citing my “recent and spunky” (Chris’s words) review of Norman McIlwain’s The Biblical Revelation of the Cross. Norman is opposed to the concept of penal substitution and drew his conclusions completely independently of the ‘Chalkegate Affair’ that stirred up evangelicals a few years ago. That’s no guarantee, … Continue reading

SCM-Canterbury Press

Norwich Books and Music St Mary’s Works St Mary’s Plain Norwich NR3 3BHPhone: 01603 612914 Fax: 01603 624483 http://www.norwichbooksandmusic.co.uk Trade account numbers and all ordering arrangements remain unchanged, even at PubEasy where you’ll still find them under the old name… If you’re in any way involved with the Christian book trade you’re probably aware by … Continue reading

Ringing the Changes at IVP

I was saddened to receive a letter today from IVP announcing the departure of Martin Harrison from their sales force: he’s a great guy who was always full of enthusiasm for his books but never aggressive, never a hard-sell, and always helpful. Missing you already, Martin: wish you every blessing and hope things go well for … Continue reading