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Small Group Resources

Where do you turn and what do you recommend when someone asks for help choosing resources for their small group? There’s a plethora of material out there, and so much of it seems to be much of a muchness: read a Bible passage, read some introductory notes to set the context, ask and answer half-a-dozen … Continue reading

Justice and the Heart of God

Emma Kennedy, author of Christian Aid’s Justice and the Heart of God (9781854248565, Lion Hudson, £5.99), tells us how she became involved with Christian Aid and what inspired her to write the book… Sierra Leone. Red soil, dark green leaves releasing the faint scent of cocoa, sweltering humidity. Cooking oil, just enough for one meal, sold in plastic bags, bumper … Continue reading

The Search is on…

for the cheesiest Christian book title! Back on Valentine’s Day, BrunetteKoala — one of the respondents to my Christian Bookshops — who needs them? thread — launched a competition to find the daftest Christian book title. So c’mon everybody, let’s have a bit of fun over the bank holiday weekend, get over there and post our suggestions… … Continue reading

Authentic Thinking

Over the coming weeks and months, if the plan comes together, you’ll see an increasing number of Guest Posts from other people involved in one way or another in the Christian book trade. The aim of this blog is to provide a place for Christian booksellers, authors, publishers, suppliers and their customers — in short, anyone … Continue reading

Books for Christian Aid

Having just referred to Emma Kennedy’s new book Justice and the Heart of God in my ‘Makeover, anyone?’ post, I was delighted to receive an email out of the blue from Kate Tuckett, Christian Aid’s Co-publishing Manager. Kate wants to visit LST and show me the rest of Christian Aid’s list, and I’m looking forward … Continue reading

The Good Bookstall

Back in 2001, two new websites were born to help support Christian Bookshops and their customers: UKCBD, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory (now, of course, home to this blog) and The Good BookStall. I invited Mary Bartholomew — The Good BookStall’s Editor, who describes herself as “a retired Christian Bookshop Manager, a compulsive reader of Christian books … Continue reading