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Celebrating 40 Years at Rugby’s Christian Bookshop

Celebrating 40 Years at Rugby’s Christian Bookshop

CONGRATULATIONS to the Christian Bookshop, Rugby, as they celebrate 40 years in business: long may it continue! And I’ll let them do the talking via this superb video tour and introduction to the shop: Discover More… Revive Rugby: Rugby’s own Christian Bookshop UKCBD Entry

Light Shines on in the Darkness as more Redundancies and Shop Closures hit Wesley Owen

Update, 26/1/2011: Official announcements about the closures have now been posted by Wesley Owen: Bath | Bristol (pdfs, identical apart from the store locations and dates of closure) The Bath Chronicle published a report on Weds 25/1/2012: Christian bookshop closes its doors NEWS EMERGED YESTERDAY of further redundancies at Wesley Owen as the Bath and Bristol stores closed … Continue reading

Leicester: One Year On

This weekend marks one year since the news broke of SPCK/SSG Leicester’s independence under a new name, Christian Resources:      Announcement from St Paul’s Church, Oadby (8/11/2007).   Blog Post from Dave Walker (8/11/2007)   Leicester SPCK goes independent (The Bookseller, 15/11/2007) Congratulations to Peter Hebden and his team on making it this far: here’s wishing them every success for the future! I invited … Continue reading

More than just a business?

A Christian bookshop is so much more than just another business, isn’t it? At least, that’s how it seems to me: I think of Christian bookshops as potential chill-out zones where people should be able to meet away from church; mission outposts on the high street (or in the back street, as the case may … Continue reading

So you want to open a Christian bookshop?

The two most frequently asked questions in my correspondence are: Will you review my book? How do I go about setting up or opening a Christian bookshop? There are other questions, of course: we’ll get to those another time. But for the moment, being contrary, I’ve decided to address the second one first. This advice … Continue reading