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Copyright Chaos 2: Taking Action – An Open Letter to the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

NB: Any retailers who missed the deadline for signing may sign via the comments below… A LETTER  submitted to the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, on Friday 29th June 2012: Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills 1 Victoria Street London … Continue reading

Thank you, Kingsway!

… and thank you, Luke, for spotting this within the last hour or so: THANK YOU KINGSWAY. Anyone who has visited the Kingswayshop.com will notice a small victory for us. Gone are the “Our Price” “RRP” and “You Save” boxes on the pages of most products. Gone are the bogus “Pre-Order” Discounts. Replaced simply with … Continue reading

Advance Notice of Formal Complaint to the Office of Fair Trading about Anti-Competitive and Unfair Trading Practices by Kingsway Communications

IN MY ORIGINAL POST this morning I drew a comparison between the £13.48 preorder offer featured in David Keen’s post The Last Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! and Kingsway’s out now offer on their The Best Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! of £12.99 compared to their RRP of £16.99. It has since been brought to my attention that the £13.48 … Continue reading

Is there an alternative to Kingsway?

This is the question one commenter asked last month in response to Kingsway’s failure to address trade customers’ concerns about being effectively priced out of the market by their practice of comparing their online shop prices to their own RRPs. Astonishingly, as I prepare this post more than a month later, neither Kingsway nor David … Continue reading

Kingsway: Trade Distribution Update

In an upbeat message to trade customers, Kingsway have announced a number of significant improvements to their distribution services including increased staffing levels at both ends of the ordering process. Four more staff  have been appointed in customer services and twelve extra staff are now working in warehousing, pick & pack, despatch and admin. Further … Continue reading