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In Defence of Kingsway

Over the last few days concerns have been raised over the ‘tone’ of discussions here with regards to Kingsway, perhaps the strongest concern being voiced by the pseudonymous Al: Whatever the rights and wrongs of this issue, it has all the feel of a quite vituperative crusade against Kingsway, which is out of all proportion … Continue reading

Truth, Lies and CD Prices: Taking a Closer Look at Kingsway’s Price Comparisons

Today I’d like to take a closer look at Kingsway’s CD price comparisons, with specific reference to the Government’s Pricing Practices Guide: guidance for traders on good practice in giving information about prices (pdf, 422kb | Google Docs ‘Quick View’). If you’re brave (or foolhardy) enough to follow my personal blog you’ll recognise the first few paragraphs, … Continue reading

Kingsway Polls: Because the questions won’t go away…

Over the last few weeks we’ve been having a lively discussion about Kingsway’s practice of offering “discounts” at kingswayshop.com by comparing their own prices to their own RRPs, typified in the following screenshot of the new Very Best of Graham Kendrick album:

Kingsway: John Paculabo Responds

My thanks to John Paculabo of Kingsway for taking time out of his busy schedule to respond to some of the concerns that have been raised in recent posts here and in the letters section of Christian Marketplace over the last three issues (April | May | June). Since John’s comment is fairly long, I’ll … Continue reading

Kingsway, Cross Rhythms and the cost of Christian music: are retailers being priced out of the market?

Revisiting this month’s Christian Marketplace, I was encouraged to see Jonathan Brown, Kingsway’s Business Development Director, responding to Robin Henderson’s questions about Christian CD prices in the Letters section (p.4, April & May issues). Whilst I acknowledge what Jonathan says about economy of scale and appreciate the huge investment Kingsway makes in supporting its artists and … Continue reading

Caritas Music Celebrates 12 Years

Congratulations are in order for Katharine Douglas and Caritas Music today as they celebrate 12 years in business. I invited Katharine to tell us all about it. She writes: Music Publisher, Distributor and Supplier, Caritas Music Publishing marks its 12th birthday today, Tuesday 2nd February 2010 (Candlemas). Begun in 1998 by Katharine Douglas and originally … Continue reading

The Bicycle Thieves

UKCBD > Christian Book & Music Reviews > Music > The Bicycle Thieves The Bicycle Thieves Superhero  Product Code: 837654175941 / SH1CD3  SH1 Music, 2009  £9.99 Category: Music  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Coming in to land somewhere between Delirious and U2 but no pale imitation of either, Superhero’s The Bicycle Thieves brings us Christian rock at its best: distinctive, sometimes melodic, sometimes brash, but … Continue reading

Kingsway Buys Fierce! Distribution

In a Press Release issued yesterday, Monday, March 2nd, 2009, Kingsway Communications announced its acquisition of Fierce! Distribution. This places the actual distribution process in the hands of STL. The announcement was accompanied by a note asking retailers for patience whilst the transition takes place, reiterated in the press release itself: All sales placed on and … Continue reading