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Phil Grant RIP

Phil Burnham, CLC National Director, writes: Phil Grant, a much-respected long-term member of CLC International (UK), was called home peacefully on September 27th. He was undergoing a further cycle of chemotherapy and had been admitted to hospital the day before. He and Pat, together with five year old Jon, began their service to the Church … Continue reading

Wesley Owen and CLC: Looking to the future…

Wesley Owen At this stage we still have no clear information about the future of the abandoned branches of Wesley Owen beyond the administrators’ statements issued before Christmas that they intend to continue trading “for the foreseeable future”: Cash told The Bookseller the remaining stores would “continue to trade for the foreseeable future.” He added: “I … Continue reading

Staff Vacancies at CLC

Ever wanted to work in Christian retail or wholesale? An ad in the May 2009 issue of Christianity magazine, p.65, indicates several staff vacancies at CLC: Bookshop Managers, Chatham & Ipswich Bookshop Team members – various locations Wholesale Team member, near Winchester CLC regards all staff as missionaries: positions are unpaid but accommodation, utilities and council … Continue reading