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News Roundup: Behind the Pages with Lion Hudson | Christian Marketplace “is not going away” | Eddie Olliffe at Christian Resources Together | Customer Care | and more…

HAVING BEEN RATHER BUSY with 5 Quid for Life last week, preparing for our inaugural meeting on Saturday 19th March, as well as updating our church website, it proved impossible to post this roundup at the end of last week, so this time around, for a change, a news roundup to start the week. Thank you … Continue reading

To draw people in, you have to reach out

Recently I had the privilege of visiting another Christian bookshop. It was small, smaller than the LST Bookshop, and like so many of us, the owners were struggling to make ends meet. They’d invited me to comment on ways in which they might be able improve sales, and it proved to be an enlightening and … Continue reading