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Not Under Bondage: Update

They’re there in every church, in every community, amongst your customers. Not aliens: abused women; but all too often they’re treated like aliens if not like animals. Most are silent: they’ve been beaten into silence, some verbally, some physically; but whether verbal or physical, it’s still abuse; and all too often, instead of becoming a … Continue reading

How ‘Not Under Bondage’ came to be written

In November last year I featured John Wilks’ review of Barbara Roberts’ book, Not Under Bondage. I invited Barbara to tell us more about the book and why she wrote it. This is the second of two articles she prepared in response to that invitation. Barbara writes: In a previous post, I described my book … Continue reading

Not Under Bondage

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Family and Relationships > Not Under Bondage Not Under Bondage Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion Barbara Roberts ISBN 9780980355345 (0980355346) Maschil Press, 2008 £11.95 Category: Family and Relationships Reviewed by: John Wilks This review – to be published in Evangelical Quarterly, April 2009 – is reproduced here by kind permission of … Continue reading