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Christian Bookshops Live with Hive!

Christian Bookshops Live with Hive!

MORE THAN TEN CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOPS are now live with Hive, the initiative launched by mainstream wholesaler Gardners (discussed here earlier this year) to help bridge the gap between the online and the bricks & mortar shopping experience: The Hive Network is a radical new concept bringing the benefits of local high street retailing to the … Continue reading

Kingsway: Trade Distribution Update

In an upbeat message to trade customers, Kingsway have announced a number of significant improvements to their distribution services including increased staffing levels at both ends of the ordering process. Four more staff  have been appointed in customer services and twelve extra staff are now working in warehousing, pick & pack, despatch and admin. Further … Continue reading

Publishers and Suppliers Supporting Retailers

Several publishers and suppliers have been in touch recently with details of action they’re taking to offer retailers extra support through the current period of uncertainty with STL and/or during the run up to Christmas. This post provides a round up of the information I’ve gleaned or received so far; it is, of course, far … Continue reading

Christian Wholesalers: is there anybody out there?

Received this question this afternoon: Do you know of another Christian book wholesaler in UK? I am currently using CLC as much as I can (owing to the state of STL) but they don’t always have all I need. It now seems it’s too late to order for Christmas from STL.