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March of the Clones

I’m sure it isn’t really a St Andrew’s Bookshops internet takeover bid, but somehow, looking at these, I can’t help wondering… Books Alive Bookshop Christian Book Centre Cornerstone Book Shop Illuminate Books Manna Christian Centre New Wine Direct Bookshop Tonbridge Christian Book Centre It’s not the “March of the Clones” effect that bothers me so … Continue reading

Google Warns Visitors: Beware spckonline.com

Google Warns Visitors: Beware spckonline.com  Google has posted warnings, screenshots below, against its search results for spckonline.com, the online trading division of St Stephen the Great (SSG) Bookshops.  The basic search result is flagged with the message “This site may harm your computer” and visitors who disregard that message are given a second warning: “continue to … Continue reading