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SPCK v/s SSG: And so it ends?

SPCK v/s SSG: And so it ends?

THE END, it seems, has finally come in the long-running legal dispute between SPCK and the Brewer brothers/St Stephen the Great Charitable Trust. In a statement issued on Friday 14th Sept 2012 — just short of six years since SPCK announced that fatally flawed decision to hand their bookshops over to SSG in October 2006 … Continue reading

Call for Brewer Creditors to Speak Out

Over on the SPCK/SSG News Blog we have issued a call for creditors to speak out about the monies owed to them by Messrs J Mark and Philip W Brewer. Following the Interim Manager’s call for creditors to submit claims, we now have some degree of national media attention, and there may never be a … Continue reading

SPCK/SSG Bookshops: A Brief Note

Today, July 21st, marks a significant milestone in the history of reporting on the former SPCK Bookshops: it’s exactly one year on to the day when, if J Mark Brewer had had his way, that reporting would have not only ceased but would have been wiped out completely. Thanks to the encouragement, help and support … Continue reading

Party on the Blog: One Year Old Today!

Today, April 2nd 2009, is this blog’s 1st birthday — a massive thank you to everyone who has joined in and made it worthwhile! It’s been an interesting and sometimes entertaining year in which we’ve survived threats and bullying from J Mark Brewer, co-owner of the former SPCK bookshops, who wanted to silence reporting on … Continue reading


First, my thanks to everyone who has expressed concern over or offered support — whether publicly or privately — about the ongoing shenanigans with the former SPCK Bookshops. If you’re new to the situation, please read SPCK/SSG: My Story, a brief account of my own involvement. In general I’ve tried to keep reporting on this situation … Continue reading

Third Space Books: Buyer Beware

Third Space Books (www.thirdspacebooks.com) is the online trading division of the St Stephen the Great Bookshops (also known as the Stephen the Great Charitable Trust, SSG and/or SSGCT), the organisation that took control of the former SPCK Bookshops in October 2006 and declared itself bankrupt in June 2008. Run by the brothers Philip and Mark … Continue reading