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John Paculabo RIP

JOHN PACULABO, Managing Director of Kingsway Music for over 20 years, has died. I personally only knew John as an adversary in our exchanges here as he sought to defend Kingway’s integrity and that of his employees: he was a fighter to the end. I am intensely saddened that I never had the opportunity to … Continue reading

Kingsway: Letter to Retailers from John Paculabo

MY THANKS to John Paculabo for kind permission to post his letter to retailers — which he mentioned yesterday, Friday 30th July 2010 — for download here. Some retailers will have already received it by email, others can expect to receive it by post within the next few days. As John himself explains, it’s a … Continue reading

Advance Notice of Formal Complaint to the Office of Fair Trading about Anti-Competitive and Unfair Trading Practices by Kingsway Communications

IN MY ORIGINAL POST this morning I drew a comparison between the £13.48 preorder offer featured in David Keen’s post The Last Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! and Kingsway’s out now offer on their The Best Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! of £12.99 compared to their RRP of £16.99. It has since been brought to my attention that the £13.48 … Continue reading

Kingsway: Trade Distribution Update

In an upbeat message to trade customers, Kingsway have announced a number of significant improvements to their distribution services including increased staffing levels at both ends of the ordering process. Four more staff  have been appointed in customer services and twelve extra staff are now working in warehousing, pick & pack, despatch and admin. Further … Continue reading

In Defence of Kingsway

Over the last few days concerns have been raised over the ‘tone’ of discussions here with regards to Kingsway, perhaps the strongest concern being voiced by the pseudonymous Al: Whatever the rights and wrongs of this issue, it has all the feel of a quite vituperative crusade against Kingsway, which is out of all proportion … Continue reading