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Core Stock Part 2

My thanks to Mark Hurley, STL’s Commercial Director, who writes in response to my post about Core Stock back in May. Mark’s original message is dated 23rd May but that message never arrived; it was re-sent on 4th July, received by me today. Presumably it’s out there in orbit somewhere along with the other one thousand billion emails that … Continue reading

Nielsen BookScan needs YOUR data!

This time last month I queried the usefulness of STL’s monthly Core Stock recommendations, and I’m disappointed to have received no response from them: my requests and challenge to STL remain open. Amongst my observations I wrote: … all that STL’s warehouse sales data can tell us is what’s going into the shops they supply. It can’t … Continue reading

Core Stock

“We all know what we like… The skill is to know what your customers like!” If you’re an STL trade account holder you’ll be familiar with that slogan, boldly proclaimed in their trade Bulletin’s  ‘Core Stock’ focus every month as they highlight the “proven sellers” from two or three publishers. These, we’re assured, are products … Continue reading