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Housekeeping: Page Rearrangements; and Why Subscribe?

IF YOU’RE OBSERVANT you may have noticed a couple of new/resurrected links in the menu bar across the top of each page: Publishers: new and, to be more precise, Publisher Profiles: a growing library of information from publishers telling us who they are and why. If you’re a Christian publisher who hasn’t been featured yet, … Continue reading

Reintroducing Authentic Media

Recently a friend on facebook asked if I knew what was going on with Authentic Media since the collapse of the old STL: had they survived? The answer, I’m pleased to say, is a resounding yes. I invited them to bring us up to date: Following the news of IBS-STL UK going into administration at … Continue reading

Last Word Publications

After the successful publication and substantial sales of his book, A12 to Heaven (June 2008), Phil Stoddart has now set up his own publishing company, Last Word Publications. Following an exchange of emails, I invited Phil to tell us his story: Looking back, it still seems inconceivable that anything positive could come out of such … Continue reading

Introducing Regnum Books

Kate Harris, Managing Editor of Regnum Books, contacted me a few weeks ago to introduce the company and their list. With 2010 marking the centenary of the Edinburgh World Missionary Conference 1910, this is an important year for mission studies, so I invited Kate to tell us more: Regnum Books International was established in 1986. … Continue reading

Grove Books

Do you stock Grove Books? I’ve reviewed a few in my time — always stimulating and thought provoking, they provide excellent snapshot introductions to the various topics they address, making them ideal for customers seeking a way in to a particular subject. And at only £2.95, they won’t break the bank. Perennial sellers at LST … Continue reading

SCM-Canterbury Press

Norwich Books and Music St Mary’s Works St Mary’s Plain Norwich NR3 3BHPhone: 01603 612914 Fax: 01603 624483 http://www.norwichbooksandmusic.co.uk Trade account numbers and all ordering arrangements remain unchanged, even at PubEasy where you’ll still find them under the old name… If you’re in any way involved with the Christian book trade you’re probably aware by … Continue reading

Highland Books

Today I’d like to highlight Highland Books. Highland may be only a small publisher — their entire list fits quite comfortably (and sensibly) on a single web page — but they’re a publisher with a passion, a passion to produce ‘pick-me-up’ books: books that will take hold of a reader, that cry out to be … Continue reading