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Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted

TODAY SEES THE LONG-OVERDUE RELAUNCH of the UKCBD Reviews section, and what a wonderful title to start the ball rolling: Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer, reviewed by Rebecca Datchler. Rebecca, like myself and Matthew Caminer, is a member of the Mrs (& Mr!) Vicarages facebook group, a group of people who are used to seeing their lives interrupted: … Continue reading

News Roundup: The Awards and Congratulations Edition

OVER THE LAST MONTH or so we seem to have had a plethora of awards in the Christian book trade, so without further ado, congratulations all round to those who’ve won, commiserations to the runners-up, and one or two other congratulatory notes as well because there’s more, much more, to life than winning awards. Rumours of … Continue reading

News Roundup: Behind the Pages with Lion Hudson | Christian Marketplace “is not going away” | Eddie Olliffe at Christian Resources Together | Customer Care | and more…

HAVING BEEN RATHER BUSY with 5 Quid for Life last week, preparing for our inaugural meeting on Saturday 19th March, as well as updating our church website, it proved impossible to post this roundup at the end of last week, so this time around, for a change, a news roundup to start the week. Thank you … Continue reading

Bible Translation: Does getting it right matter?

IT’S HARD TO MISS THE FACT that this year, 2011, marks the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, the Bible translation that sparked a revolution in giving ordinary people access to the Bible in their own language — provided, of course, that their language was English; but around the world there … Continue reading

News Roundup: Celebrating 10 Years Online | Commentaries Sale at Wesley Owen | More Shops Seeking New Owners | More Than Another Day of Prayer | New Blog for Caritas Music

Celebrating 10 Years Online Commentaries Sale at Wesley Owen More Shops Seeking New Owners More Than Another Day of Prayer New Blog for Caritas Music GOT NEWS? If you have news you’d like to share about your shop or staff, please leave a comment or contact me direct to be included in the next News Roundup… … Continue reading

Lent Reading and more from St Mark’s Press

LENT IS ALMOST UPON US, starting 9th March this year: are you ready? Are your customers ready? As always, there’s a lot of material out there, but here’s one you may have missed: Mark in 40 Days, from St Mark’s Press. St Mark’s Press are a relatively new Christian publisher based in Bedfordshire, last featured … Continue reading

A Christian Bookseller’s Prayer

Adapted with kind permission from One Bookstore Owner’s Prayer: Dear Lord, When we started out it all seemed so easy. You opened doors and directed our paths. We saw your hand in everything in those early days. We have our victory stories. But now it’s different. Changing market conditions and rising costs are closing in on us. … Continue reading

Christianity on the High Street: is there a better way?

OVER THE PAST YEAR OR SO we’ve had numerous conversations and discussions about the future shape of Christian bookselling and retailing. We’ve seen the sad demise of the former SPCK bookshops (a story that’s far from over), the break-up of Wesley Owen following the collapse of STL UK when Biblica overreached itself (for what that cost, … Continue reading

Pauline Books and Media on BBC Songs of Praise

CONGRATULATIONS to Pauline Books & Media on being featured on BBC Songs of Praise on Sunday 10th October. They appear approximately 21 minutes into the programme, introduced by Pam Rhodes, as part of the episode’s focus on St Paul. The programme also features the Rt Revd Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and, as most … Continue reading