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Christianity on the High Street: is there a better way?

OVER THE PAST YEAR OR SO we’ve had numerous conversations and discussions about the future shape of Christian bookselling and retailing. We’ve seen the sad demise of the former SPCK bookshops (a story that’s far from over), the break-up of Wesley Owen following the collapse of STL UK when Biblica overreached itself (for what that cost, … Continue reading

Good News for Christian Retailers and Consumers as STL UK and Suppliers collaborate to absorb January’s VAT increase

STL UK HAVE ANNOUNCED that following consultations with their suppliers, “in the main” they will be absorbing January’s VAT increase by adjusting ex-VAT prices to keep VAT-inclusive prices for end consumers the same. Vatable items such as CDs, for instance, currently retailing at £14.99 will continue to retail at £14.99 by means of a behind-the-scenes adjustment … Continue reading

Open Door prepares to open bookshop doors in October

Update: Ceased Trading Sadly the Open Door bookshop project proved unsustainable and the shop has now closed down, reported ceased trading in December 2011. As mentioned yesterday, I invited Open Door Trading director Paul Mogford to tell us about their acquisition of and plans for the former Footprints bookshop in Middlesbrough. Paul writes: 2010 looks … Continue reading