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News Roundup – the twitter feed edition

MY APOLOGIES to those readers who’ve missed the News Roundups over the last few weeks: life, as they say. The good news is that this trade of ours is at least as busy as I am, with as much going on as ever. Don’t forget, you can pick up on news as it emerges via … Continue reading

Social Media Update: Alban Books, Christian Bits, Christian Bookshop Ossett, CLC Inverness, CLC Wholesale and a note about security

GOOD TIMES on the social media front with several new entrants from the Christian book trade. Without further ado, then, a warm welcome to: ALBAN BOOKS on twitter: @AlbanBooks — already on facebook at facebook.com/pages/Alban-Books-Ltd/85130147120 Alban Books’ first tweet brings us a reminder that a certain wedding is imminent — an opportunity to kill two birds … Continue reading