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News Roundup – the twitter feed edition

MY APOLOGIES to those readers who’ve missed the News Roundups over the last few weeks: life, as they say. The good news is that this trade of ours is at least as busy as I am, with as much going on as ever. Don’t forget, you can pick up on news as it emerges via … Continue reading

The Lost Symbol and the Lost Hashtag #LBF09 #LBF

It’s a tricky business getting to grips with new media, especially when you’re dealing with a two thousand year old story — always assuming, of course, that Dan Brown’s new novel, The Lost Symbol, actually does take up the plot where The Da Vinci Code left off rather than lose it completely. But this post … Continue reading

Making the News, Getting Interactive?

Are you? Or to be more precise, is your shop? Making the news and/or getting interactive, that is? As I’ve been ploughing (almost literally, given the weather recently) my way through the UKCBD database updates, I’ve come across several shops which have made the news in one way or another or have added blogs and … Continue reading