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A Brave New World for Christian Bookselling: @SPCKPublishing CEO Sam Richardson answers questions from the trade

A Brave New World for Christian Bookselling: @SPCKPublishing CEO Sam Richardson answers questions from the trade

IN A PRESS RELEASE issued on Wednesday afternoon, 7 October 2015, two of the UK’s leading Christian publishers, the respected conservative evangelical IVP and the much-loved champions of theological diversity SPCK, announced that they were joining forces with immediate effect.

Whilst some in the trade were aware that IVP was experiencing some financial difficulties, this development — which has significant implications for the wider trade as well as for the two publishers and their staff — appears to have taken everyone completely by surprise.

My thanks, therefore, to Sam Richardson, SPCK’s CEO, who has very kindly offered to answer some questions fielded from members of the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group about the agreement. Some issues can’t be addressed as freely as some might wish at this stage due to legal constraints and staff consultations that are still in progress, but I hope that all readers will accept Sam’s assurances in the spirit of openness and respect for due process with which they are intended and, even more importantly, heed the call for patience, prayer and continued trade commitment with which he concludes. As always, all comments welcome. Continue reading

Does my Soul look Big in this?

Does my Soul look Big in this?

Emma Janes reviews Rosemary Lain-Priestley’s “Does my Soul look Big in this?” – This book is about facing some of the issues in life that we run into, facing up to them and exploring them to deepen our spirituality, making it relevant and real. My first impressions certainly on looking at the contents page were some fantastic chapter titles, and that certainly drew me in, wanting to know more…
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Trade Distribution Update: CLC Wholesale and SPCK

AS POSTED in the Christian Authors, Booksellers & Publishers facebook group earlier this evening, CLC Wholesale have confirmed that they now have stock of the various SPCK Certificates, available to retailers at normal SPCK trade discount and subject to CLC’s usual trade terms. Discussions are also in progress with SPCK to increase the range of … Continue reading

News Roundup: The Good News on Friday Edition

NO DOUBT there are many more good news stories kicking around out there waiting to be told, but today, three will suffice… By Royal Appointment, Booksellers to the Queen… CLC Wholesale join PubEasy – Official Announcement SPCK Shortlisted for IPG Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year Award Update, 10/3/2011: Follow on report from the team … Continue reading