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Durham Cathedral Bookshop Staff Start Tribunal

Less than two weeks after the post of SPCK/SSG Two Years On: Reflections and Responses and things are moving towards a conclusion of the SPCK/SSG Saga at Durham Cathedral Shop as the Staff there begin their Tribunal. This action though seems not to just cover the past and prior management (if such word can be … Continue reading

The Dave Walker Reposts

UKCBD > Christian Book Reviews > Arts & Media > The Dave Walker Reposts The Dave Walker Reposts  May 2006 – July 2008 Dave Walker and Matt Wardman (Ed)  ISBN: (N/A)  The Wardman Wire, 2008 (130pp)  Free Download Category: Arts & Media  Reviewed by: Phil Groom Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, even for highly placed business men and lawyers. Taken … Continue reading

Dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog

A dedicated SPCK/SSG Blog (as previously mentioned here) is now live at spckssg.wordpress.com, set up by exporting all related posts and comments from this blog. Future news and info will be posted there rather than here, with pointers here as appropriate. The invitation for volunteers to get involved remains open: all you need to do is sign up for a … Continue reading

SPCK/SSG News Archives

Dave Walker has compiled an index of news reports and correspondence about the SPCK/SSG saga in the Church Times blog, which helpfully supplements his own Save the SPCK section. To that I’d like to add the UKCBD SPCK/SSG News Section, this site’s reports and reflections and the various reports in the Bookseller:  SPCK | SSG | St Stephen the Great. Should probably also add this … Continue reading

30a Sincil Street, RIP

Don’t quite know why, since as far as I remember I’ve never been there, but somehow today it struck me as unbearably sad to see the stripped-out windows of the former Sincil Street SPCK Lincoln shop in this estate agent’s flyer (zoomed in shot of the shop front further down). I guess what struck me … Continue reading

SSG Uncertainty Continues (2)

Update, Friday 13th June 2008 New reports posted by the Bookseller and the Church Times today: St Stephen the Great files for bankruptcy | Ex-SPCK shops ‘bankruptcy’ Below, my updated notice now posted alongside all SSG entries in the UK Christian Bookshops Directory. Previous version here: SSG Uncertainty Continues (1) Any new info, please do let me and/or Dave know. … Continue reading