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SSG Uncertainty Continues (1)

Below, the notice that I’ve been running alongside the SSG entries in the UK Christian Bookshops Directory since early April: figured I ought to preserve it for posterity. Will be updating it this evening with something that more accurately reflects the current chaos. Suggestions, anyone? Other than just “Aaaargh!” please, even if that does more … Continue reading

September Meeting for ex-SPCK Booksellers

SPCK Booksellers Fund Simply a reminder that the Save the SPCK Booksellers fund I set up last year is still open. Any ex-SPCKers in need of help, please do get in touch; anyone else, please feel welcome to contribute. And don’t forget the existence of BTBS: The Book Trade Charity: they’re there to help.  — Phil Groom  Phelim … Continue reading

Questions Raised over SSG ‘Bankruptcy’

Respondents to both this site and Dave Walker’s recent related posts (Dave’s Backup Site | Dave’s Main Site) are asking searching questions about the legitimacy of SSG’s apparent filing for bankruptcy. Citing USA website lawyershop.com, ‘canon law’ and ‘mm’ — who may well be the same person using different aliases — have expressed concern over the possibility of … Continue reading

New Name for SSG?

SSG: Silly Stupid Games, perhaps? Apart from when you’re playing with people’s livelihoods and jobs, because then it’s not a game, is it? It strikes me as particularly ironic that having started the day by promoting Mark Greene’s Christian Life & Work DVD this morning in my post about Small Group Resources, I now end it with a report on the latest … Continue reading

SPCK/SSG News Round-up in Christian Marketplace

June’s Christian Marketplace magazine provides a fairly comprehensive round-up of recent news relating to the ongoing SPCK/SSG shenanigans. Industry News starts on page 6 and first up is SSG Shops pulled from auction featuring Simon Kingston, SPCK Publishing’s General Secretary and CEO, expressing surprise that the shops were even being offered for sale. Whatever may … Continue reading

Free Food, Free Drinks, Free Books…

and I guess I ought to mention free admission, courtesy of Speaking Volumes, sponsors and organisers of the UK Christian Book Awards. I’m referring to my day at CRE, the Christian Resources Exhibition: catching up with people, collecting catalogues, meeting publishers and authors… all in all, a day of serious networking and a lot of fun along the … Continue reading

SPCK Booksellers Get-together

Most readers are no doubt familiar with the shenanigans surrounding the St Stephen the Great acquisition of the SPCK Bookshops, but if you’re not up to speed check out either Dave Walker’s Save the SPCK section or the UKCBD SPCK/SSG News page. Dave is usually the most up to date: he seems to have a better network … Continue reading

Christian or… what, exactly?

What, exactly, do we mean by the designation ‘Christian’ when we refer to bookshops or publishers? Is it simply that we trade in products that relate to the Christian faith — are we simply a subset of other businesses and commercial enterprises? Or is there — should there be — something more distinctive than that? … Continue reading

Google Warns Visitors: Beware spckonline.com

Google Warns Visitors: Beware spckonline.com  Google has posted warnings, screenshots below, against its search results for spckonline.com, the online trading division of St Stephen the Great (SSG) Bookshops.  The basic search result is flagged with the message “This site may harm your computer” and visitors who disregard that message are given a second warning: “continue to … Continue reading