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News Roundup: The Goodbyes, Hellos and Opportunities Edition

ANOTHER NEWS ROUNDUP ALREADY? Yes indeed, for this trade of ours never stands still for long! In this edition we have, amongst other stories, news of longstanding CEO Brian Wilson’s departure from IVP followed by Steve Apted’s arrival; the sad closure of another branch of St Andrew’s Bookshops, offset more happily by a new independent … Continue reading

The Future Shape of Christian Bookselling

The shape of our trade is changing, perhaps beyond recognition to those who still think of bookshops as some sort of quaint cottage industry where dusty tomes gather even more dust on dusty shelves. The reality that all of us are up against is this: online bookselling with its armchair shopping and lower prices is here to stay. Continue reading

Take it and leave it

Guy Marshall writes: St Andrew’s bookshop in St Albans took part in Independent Booksellers Week by launching a leaflet to church members called TAKE IT AND LEAVE IT. The idea, pinched from elsewhere, is for people to buy a Christian book to read on holiday and leave it at the place where they stay for someone else to … Continue reading

March of the Clones

I’m sure it isn’t really a St Andrew’s Bookshops internet takeover bid, but somehow, looking at these, I can’t help wondering… Books Alive Bookshop Christian Book Centre Cornerstone Book Shop Illuminate Books Manna Christian Centre New Wine Direct Bookshop Tonbridge Christian Book Centre It’s not the “March of the Clones” effect that bothers me so … Continue reading