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Authentic enter the Blogosphere – and more twits

A warm welcome to Authentic, who entered the blogosphere on March 10th 2009 at authenticmedia.blogspot.com along with a whole team of twits (or should that be ‘twitterers’ — what do you think?) to keep us entertained and up to speed. A-Z by twitter username: @andydutch: Andy Dutch @authenticmedia: Authentic Media @gabriellefrncis: Gabrielle Francis @garethwrussell: Gareth Russell @michael_ward: Michael Ward … Continue reading

Making the News, Getting Interactive?

Are you? Or to be more precise, is your shop? Making the news and/or getting interactive, that is? As I’ve been ploughing (almost literally, given the weather recently) my way through the UKCBD database updates, I’ve come across several shops which have made the news in one way or another or have added blogs and … Continue reading