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Introducing the UKCBD Scottish Counties Index

Introducing the UKCBD Scottish Counties Index

ONE QUESTION that I never saw addressed during Scotland’s independence debate was what would be the implications for the numerous small UK-wide organisations and projects such as this, the UK Christian Bookshops Directory, if the Yes campaigners had won? Whilst the big players were huffing and puffing as they tried to blow one another’s houses … Continue reading

July’s Updates: 61 Reasons to be Cheerful

JULY was another busy month on the UKCBD updates front, with 61 entries updated including 5 new listings (marked *) for a handful of shops that had somehow slipped through the net. If your local Christian bookshop isn’t listed — or if its details are out of date — please give me a shout… CLC … Continue reading

Apologies for any inconvenience caused whilst UKCBD is temporarily unavailable: please refer to the site backup

Update, 30/6/2012: I’m pleased to report that 123-reg.co.uk eventually made contact on 25/6/2012. Whilst they were most apologetic for the problems they did not offer any explanation. UKCBD is now therefore hosted elsewhere (with simbahosting.co.uk, a much smaller organisation but one that offers a more personal and prompt service). The site is also backed up … Continue reading

The Big UKCBD Spring Clean

IF YOU’RE BRAVE OR FOOLHARDY ENOUGH (take your pick) to follow my personal blog, you’ll know that I’m laid up at the moment with a broken ankle, which is a wee bit of a nuisance when it comes to important things like carrying mugs of coffee from A to B. The situation does have its advantages, … Continue reading

UKCBD Updates: An Update…

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in bookshop updates over the last few weeks: this post is simply to confirm that those updates are in progress. As with any voluntary project, however, these things take time: depending upon other commitments (such as church, family and earning a crust to keep the wolves from the … Continue reading

Housekeeping: Page Rearrangements; and Why Subscribe?

IF YOU’RE OBSERVANT you may have noticed a couple of new/resurrected links in the menu bar across the top of each page: Publishers: new and, to be more precise, Publisher Profiles: a growing library of information from publishers telling us who they are and why. If you’re a Christian publisher who hasn’t been featured yet, … Continue reading