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Good News for Christian Retailers and Consumers as STL UK and Suppliers collaborate to absorb January’s VAT increase

STL UK HAVE ANNOUNCED that following consultations with their suppliers, “in the main” they will be absorbing January’s VAT increase by adjusting ex-VAT prices to keep VAT-inclusive prices for end consumers the same. Vatable items such as CDs, for instance, currently retailing at £14.99 will continue to retail at £14.99 by means of a behind-the-scenes adjustment … Continue reading

VAT Attack: Deep Joy

Congratulations to Her Majesty’s Government on giving us a major accounting headache in the run up to Christmas. Lovely idea in principle: VAT, in my not so humble opinion, is nothing but legalised theft anyway, but that’s another story. Now we face the fun of selling everything that we bought in before Dec 1st at … Continue reading

One Touch from the King…

changes everything, apparently. But a touch from the tax office — that can really stir things up. It did for me this week, anyway. Actually, it’s been longer than a week: several weeks, in fact. My problem? Mark Stibbe’s book, One Touch from the King Changes Everything (9781860245978, Authentic, 2007, £7.99), includes a CD. Nothing remarkable about that, … Continue reading