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Wesley Owen and CLC: Looking to the future…

Wesley Owen At this stage we still have no clear information about the future of the abandoned branches of Wesley Owen beyond the administrators’ statements issued before Christmas that they intend to continue trading “for the foreseeable future”: Cash told The Bookseller the remaining stores would “continue to trade for the foreseeable future.” He added: “I … Continue reading

Wesley Owen: Excerpt from Press Release

Robin Parry has posted the following excerpt from a press release issued on Friday 18/12/2009: Authentic Book Publishing (including Paternoster)and 8 Wesley Owen Stores (Bath Birmingham, Bristol, Bromley, Coleraine, Derby, Glasgow and York) have been sold to Koorong, which is owned by the Bootes family. Based in Sydney, Koorong has 18 stores operating successfully throughout … Continue reading

STL UK and the Abominable Silence

Sometimes, silence is golden. Other times, it’s terrifying: someone we love breathes their last and the silence suddenly stretches to eternity… It feels a bit like that with STL UK. We all know that STL as we once knew it is finished. We also know that deals have been done behind closed doors: we watch … Continue reading