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Glo: Don’t just read the Bible – Experience it! #bibleglo

Unless you’ve been living in the dark ages, you must have heard of Glo by now: it’s the Bible for a digital age, a dramatic multimedia presentation of the Bible supplied on 3 DVDs which – if it lives up to the hype – promises to change the way we read the Bible for ever. Continue reading

Bibles for Causes: how far should we go?

And so we move from the ridiculous to the sublime: a special edition Pink Ribbon Bible for breast cancer sufferers, courtesy of those canny marketeers at HarperCollins. I’ve blogged this topic before. No, not breast cancer: Bibles. Blue Bibles, pink Bibles, rainbow hued Bibles, Bibles for banana lovers, Bibles for cat lovers and mouse haters and Bibles … Continue reading

Bibles and Bookmarks: Part 3

Delighted to report the safe arrival of a box of bookmarks from Wycliffe Bible Translators this morning: thank you to all concerned. This picture shows them occupying pride of place alongside our own LST bookmarks on the main shop counter: If you’d like some for your shop or to give away at your church to … Continue reading

Bibles and Bookmarks: Part 2

Back in April I protested the seemingly endless proliferation of new and revised English Bible translations when, according to Wycliffe Bible Translators, there are still more than 2,200 languages — representing some 193 million people — which do not yet have the Bible available: I put it to you that if a fraction of the … Continue reading

Fishing Poles

The other day I was wandering along the Thames Path with a friend — who happens to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators — and we came across a sign I couldn’t read. “It’s ‘No Fishing’ in Polish,” my friend explained, “We have a fair-sized immigrant community around here.” How ironic, I thought, that the fishing … Continue reading